Port Resolution Hot Springs


The Port Resolution Hot Springs and short walk out to the headland are a nice way to spend an afternoon or morning. Especially if you have some spare time on the east side of Tanna.


Accessible from Port Resolution Rd heading SE from the Volcano Entrance. You can either walk here if your accommodation is close by or ask your local Accommodation Operator to organise a truck for you. You could also tie this in with some more sightseeing of the Port Resolution area including White Beach & Shark Bay.

Note: Best to check the hot springs out on low tide as the rock pools are viewable then and you might even get to try some cooked local foods made in the boiling water from the natural hot spring! Tours to see the Port resolution Hot Springs can be arranged by Tanna.Travel or with your local Accommodation Operator. There is an entrance fee of 1000vatu per person plus extra costs for transfers if necessary.

Map & Directions

Port Resolution, Tanna, Vanuatu


1.45 - 2 hrs from the Whitegrass Airport