Tanna Eco-Earthship Homestay


Hours: 6am - 10pm

Tannas Eco-Earthship is situated in the serene and lush tropical bush in the Lounakamei, which is in the mountainous heart of Tanna island. This unique accommodation, built from earth-rammed tyres and resembling a hobbiton home from Lord of the Rings, provides wonderful guest lodgings where you can immerse yourself in authentic village life on Tanna. It is locally owned and operated by Joe Iautu.


Welcome to Lounapkamei, in the heart of Tanna! Be an honored guest in our village, staying in Vanuatu's one and only "Wil Tan Nima" or "Tyre House" - an eco-friendly earthship cyclone shelter (read more about this in "our story"). This unique accommodation is a special place where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic village life on Tanna, visit and play in Vanuatu's biggest banyan tree and be captivated by our vibrant culture in our very own village Toka Dance tour. The guest house has its own vehicle, you can hire with driver to explore other exciting parts of the island. Optional extras, which will add to the enjoyment of your stay; airport pickup and drop off , Picnic lunch, Local Village Dinner, Snorkeling Trip, Volcano Trip.

Map & Directions


Tanna Eco-Earthship is 20 minutes drive from Whitegrass airport , 20 minutes drive to Lenakel Markets and 1.5hrs drive to Mt Yasur Volcano.