Mountain Panoramic View


Hours: 7am - 8pm

If you are looking for a well priced bungalow with outstanding panoramic views of the majestic Mt Yasur Volcano and the surrounding mountains, you should look no further.


There is only 1 bungalow so you will have this amazing view all to yourself. Escape and enjoy this beautiful rustic getaway. You can learn about Tanna from your hosts Willie and Joyce and their family and community, or just sit back and enjoy the mighty rumblings of the volcano.

Map & Directions

Enimilen Village, East Tanna


It is approximately 1.5 hours from Whitegrass airport by truck. The transfer fee from the airport is 2500 vatu pp, with a minimum of 2 people. You can walk to the entrance of the volcano in approximately 1 hour or get a transfer for 2000 vatu pp.