Mt Yasur Volcano


The famous Mt Yasur Volcano! Take a sunset or a sunrise tour and experience "the once in a lifetime" opportunity to be up close to the glowing embers and rumbles of this powerful volcano.


One of Tanna islands main attractions, the Mt Yasur Volcano is a once in a lifetime experience, to be able to get so close to the perimeter of an active volcano is mesmerising, terrifying and intriguing!

About 7km under Tanna island is the Australian plate plunging under that of the Pacific plate at the same time fusing with it, generating magna that reaches the surface creating hot spots, one of them is the Mt Yasur Volcano; a ‘young’ volcano, only 100,000 years old.

Mt. Yasur is what is commonly referred to as a ‘dry’ or a ‘strombolian’ volcano, it explodes magna hundred of metres into the night sky, a life changing experience for anyone witnessing it. Mt. Yasur is regarded as the most accessible dry volcano in the world because you can stand on top of the rim looking in (depending on the activity level of the day – please be very cautious and take advice from your guides). A vast reservoir of lava feeds into Yasur’s eruption vents through a network of faults and large gas pockets measuring over a meter in diameter hundreds of meters under you to erupt in the crater measuring 400 to 700 meters in diameter. The journey to the volcano is just as exciting – moonscapes made of ash, rivers cutting their way through the soft limestone or even softer volcanic ash, altering the landscape in front of your eyes, cascades, breathtaking panoramic views, coffee plantations, local villages, lush forests and the road of a thousand pot holes!

You can post a letter from the only post box in the world on a live volcano. Don’t ask, Vanuatu Post is into extreme post!

Mt Yasur is an active volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu with a height of 361 m (1,184 ft) above sea level, located on the South East coast near Sulphur Bay. Mt Yasur has a largely unvegetated pyroclastic cone with a nearly-circular summit crater 400 m in diameter. It is a stratovolcano caused by the eastward-moving Indo-Australian plate being subducted under the westward-moving Pacific Plate. It has been nearly continuously erupting for centuries, although usually it can be approached safely. Its eruptions, which often occur several times an hour, are classified as Strombolian or Vulcanian.

The glow of Mt Yasur volcano was apparently what attracted Captain James Cook on the first European journey to Tanna Island in 1774. Today the mountain is a sacred area for the John Frum Cargo Cult. The cult reveres John Frum, a deified messenger who foretold the bringing of wealth to the island by American forces. They believe he resides in Mt Yasur with his countrymen. The village of Sulphur Bay, the centre of the movement, claims the volcano as part of their territory.

Because of the importance of the volcano to the tourism industry in Tanna, the local government has created levels to restrict people’s access:

To watch the Mt Yasur webcam LIVE and check on current volcanic activity visit

Tanna Volcano Tour Tips: Bring a camera tri-pod to capture that perfect Mt. Yasur eruption shot, Raise your camera’s ISO setting over 1,000, Pack some warm clothing (wind jacket is desirable) as it can get a bit chilly at the crater rim, Pack sneakers or other closed shoes.

Map & Directions

Mt Yasur, Tanna, Vanuatu


1.5 hour drive from White Grass Airport and 1.25 hour from Lenakel