Tanna Hiking - The Path Less Traveled


Hours: 8am -8pm

Slow down and enjoy the pace of life in Tanna. This 3 day hiking tour is all inclusive and is the perfect way to explore Tanna.


HIGHLIGHTS: You will have the opportunity to experience life in a custom village, see custom dances, hike through areas seen by few tourists, before making your way to the mighty volcano, Mt Yasur. Soak in the Sulphur Bay hot springs before returning back to the airport.

The Yakel team will meet and greet you at the Whitegrass airport and transfer by truck to Yakel Village.

On day 1, you will be able to experience the custom dance of Yakel and visit the Yapilmae waterfall. You will have time to adjust to the remote surroundings and life in a custom village. People in Yakel village live in a very traditional way, mainly untouched since the time of our ancestors. Inclusions: Airport transfer, dinner, entry ticket for Yakel custom, Yapilmae waterfall, local bungalow style accommodation

On day 2, you will have a guided hike of 13km from Yakel to Imaio. You will arrive in time for lunch at Imaio. The walk will take between 4-5 hours. In the afternoon you can choose to rest or partake in village activities like weaving, cooking, or rest up for the early start on day 3. Inclusions: breakfast, lunch, dinner, local bungalow style accommodation

On day 3, you will wake up very early to go on the Mt Yasur Volcano Sunrise Tour. This is an amazing opportunity to see a live volcano. The explosions and lava flow are not to be missed. Slowly the sun will rise and you will be able to see the surrounding islands of Erramango, Aniwa and Futuna, when the weather is clear. After making the way back down will will have breakfast before walking to Sulphur Bay to soak in the healing hot springs. This is the end of the tour, from Sulphur Bay you will take a truck back to the airport in time for the afternoon flight. Inclusions: Airport transfer, breakfast, entry ticket for Entani Volcano Tour, Sulpur Bay hot spring

Map & Directions


You will join this tour from Whitegrass airport