Sulphur Bay Hot Spring


Hours: 7am -10pm

Sulphur Bay Hot Springs is the ultimate place to relax and unwind! You can enjoy water between 25-50C with views to Mt Yasur & the ocean.


The hot springs are approximately 20 minute drive from Mt Yasur Volcano entrance. You can book a vehicle through Tanna Travel or ask your local Accommodation Operator to organise a truck for you. You could also tie this on Friday night with the John Frum ceremony. Entrance Fee: 1000 vatu per adult 500 vatu per child 5-10 years FREE for children 4 and under If you are hungry, the village will provide a meal for 1000 per person.

Map & Directions

Sulphur Bay, Whitesands, Vanuatu


Sulphur Bay Hot Springs is in the Whitesands, eastern side of Tanna Island, approximately 1.5hours drive from Whitegrass Airport.