Tanna Yasur View Bungalows


Welcome to your perfect tropically-volcanic retreat on Tanna island in Vanuatu! Located near constantly active but easily accessible Mt. Yasur volcano. Watch astonishing natural fireworks straight from your dining table! Traditional bungalows nestled in pristine rainforest next to a crystal clear river perfect for your morning swim Authentic local accommodation suitable for backpackers, adventurers and taking it easy travelers


Mike Sam, a local Ni Vanuatu in his early 30s and his very kind family will be delighted to offer you an authentic local accommodation and make sure your Tanna adventure remains absolutely unforgettable. Various tours can be arranged - just say the word and Mike will be happy to assist you. If you prefer French language, we've got a local guide who speaks French as well. Immerse yourself into the happiest country in the world while relaxing and having a lot of fun!

Map & Directions

Tanna Yasur View Bungalow, Tanna, Vanuatu