Lenakel Fresh Produce Market


Don't miss out on the opportunity to check out the Lenakel Fresh Produce Market to find out what is in season and even pick up a handicraft or two!


There is only one fresh food market in Tanna with a rich array of locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and local "kaikai" (native island food) and some cooked take away options, centrally located in Lenakel Town. Tanna is renowned in Vanuatu for its market and even local people visiting Tanna will return to Port Vila or other outer islands with produce purchased in Tanna (also the price can be a lot cheaper than in Efate).

Depending on what time of the year that you visit Tanna you will find a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are an adventurous eater you will enjoy exploring the market and trying some exotic tropical fruits and local native kaikai, seeds and nuts from native trees.

As the land in Tanna is rich and fertile due to the Volcano, the produce is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and the Tannese do not use pesticides or herbicides, so everything is organic!

The main Market Days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday being the busiest day with the most options. Growers will come from all over Tanna, hence the great variety available! Try to get their early to not miss out on some of the more popular items!.

If you are staying on the east side of the island, we recommend stopping into the market on your way to the Volcano side to stock up on some fresh fruits, as options are limited on the east side and there is no market, though you may be able to find some bananas, coconuts and pawpaws if you're lucky!

Roadside stalls are spread throughout Tanna. Land owners with large gardens will sell produce from the front of their properties, so you may pick up some more bargains if you miss the Lenakel Market Day and are out and about and feeling peckish.

Map & Directions

Lenakel, Tanna, Vanuatu