Tanna Coffee


Tanna Coffee have recently started to run tours for those interested in this agricultural industry! The Tanna Coffee Plantations and Tour of the Warehouse are well worth a visit whilst you are in Tanna!


Tanna Coffee is grown in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu under the shadows of the still-active Yasur volcano. It is the active volcano's influence that makes our Tanna Coffee so unique. The deep, rich soils, abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall are the very essence of this truly natural, excellent product.

A TRULY NATURAL PRODUCT Certified Organic (through Organic Pasika), Tanna Coffee processes the beans through natural means only. Hand harvesting optimum ripe cherries, same day processing, natural fermentation methods and sun drying is the key to our high quality product.

These integral steps ensures that only a truly natural product is produced without the use of any harmful sprays or chemical fertilisers.

Made in Vanuatu Gift Shop tour – Free Learn about local agribusiness and industries creating employment for Ni-Vanuatu people •Tanna Coffee •Seven Seas Brewry •The Summit botanical cosmetics •Gaston Chcolate the best chocolate in vanuatu •Lapita Café gluten free products •Tanna mamas products including coconut oil. Lokatai Factory Tour 20-30min – 500vatu Learn about the history of Tanna Coffee, the team the farms and the factory. •Coffee on Tanna 1800-1900 •The CDC and POPOKA •Tanna Coffee – the signature iconic brand of Tanna •Transformatio of coffee Cherry, to parcment, green bean, roasted bean, ground coffee and cup. Seeds To Sip coffee experience Tour – 60min 1500vatu Enter the “Seed to Sip coffee experience” and plant a coffee seed participate in harvesting and then see how coffee is transformed into a drink to that is a whole body experience like the volcano that inspires it. This tour include a free 250g packe of Tanna Coffee and a full cup of coffee made to your order. Advance booking of 5 or more receive a special gift. 1.History of coffee on Tanna 2.The coffee nursery from seed selection to seedlings 3.The coffee plantation and how to care for the envirnment for fruitfull produciton. 4.The coffee harvest thanks giving May to October every year, pulping and parcment drying 5.Purchacing farmers parcment and suppoorting private enterprise through warhousing 6.Husking and grading to produce Green bean products for roatery 7.Coffee roasting and packaging to capture and preserve the unique flavour profiles of Tanna Coffee 8.Sharing the perfect sip with your family and friends on great coffee many ways to prepare it. 9.How every purchase of a Tanna Coffee product helps independence through TRADE not AID

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Tanna, Vanuatu