Tanna Farms


Our coconut oil comes from Tanna Island, Vanuatu, where coconuts grow on family farms at the edge of the sea and the foot of a live volcano. They thrive in the rich soils, ocean breezes, abundant sunshine and tropical rainfall of this Pacific paradise, then crack to the ground when nature deems they’re ready.


Local farmers and their families gather the coconuts and husk them using sharp spikes of wood or metal called kakers, before sending them to our small factory at Lenakel, on Tanna’s west coast. There our factory staff grate the flesh, then dry and press it by hand, to create our extra virgin coconut oil. It takes time to produce, so we package our coconut oil with enormous care to ensure you enjoy an unadulterated taste of the Pacific.

Our coconut oil is 100% natural, 100% handmade, and created with a 100% renewable energy source – The DME ( Direct Micro Expelling ) process we follow uses coconut shell and husk as fuel so that nothing goes to waste. We are in the process of earning organic certification with Biogro NZ. Our coconut oil is currently ‘in-conversion’ to becoming certified organic with a path laid for our peanut growers to become certified also.

That’s good news for you and for the environment, and good news for the people of Tanna. Other forms of coconut oil production can see old coconuts taken far from their plantations to be processed with chemicals or high heat, without local employment. Our coconuts are processed on the island they were grown on, with local people given sustainable employment in our small factory. We teach skills and empower communities to determine their own future. To learn more about our natural process, and some of the alternatives.

We could talk all day about our coconut oil and the wonderful ways we use it, but just because it’s our firstborn, doesn’t mean we have favourites.

We also adore our luxurious coconut soap, which is made by hand using our coconut oil, then wrapped in brown paper to bring our island to your bathroom.

And as for our peanuts – which are cooked in coconut oil and roasted to perfect crunchiness – what’s not to love? They’re 100% natural and 100% addictive, and we seriously cannot produce enough of them.

All of our products are naturally organic in the best possible way – agrochemicals have never had a place on Tanna and, if we have anything to do with it, they never will. Because who needs chemicals when a live volcano provides lush and fertile soil, the climate is a perfect blend of sun, rain and breeze, and your products are imbued with the taste of a Pacific Paradise?

When you buy Tanna Farms Cold Pressed Naturally Organic Coconut Oil, you’re helping yourself, with a lovingly made oil we believe will transform your food and your skin – Check out our blog to see how it can add creaminess to your smoothies, flavour and moisten your muffins, create fantastic stir fries and provide a perfect (and perfectly natural) moisturiser, face scrub and makeup remover.

Your purchase is also helping isolated communities of Tanna Island, which earn much-needed money through their coconut plantations. Many of those plantations were abandoned to weeds after the market for Tanna Island copra dried up in the 1980s, we pride ourselves on helping revitalise a

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Lenakel, Tanna, Vanuatu