Tanna Island Discovery Tours


Hours: 6am - 9pm

We offer unique travel experiences that are rich in History, Nature and Culture. We are a Local Inbound Tour Operator aiming to become a model for creating unforgettable journey and magical moments with an insight view of the uniqueness of Tanna Island.We will work you through to plan your unforgettable journey.


Tanna Island Discovery Tours is a Local Inbound Tour Operator owned and managed by Glenten Pata. There are available personalized Tours with individual and small tour itineraries including Volcano Tour, Custom Villages , Blue Cave , Untouched Waterfalls & Beaches and accommodations that meets travelers’ expectations.

Map & Directions

Tanna Island Discovery Tours, Tanna Vanuatu


2 minutes drive south from Tanna Airport , 1.5 hours drive to Volcano , 10 minutes drive to Lenakel Town , 2 minutes drive to Tanna Airport